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Website Studio is in the business of assisting both businesses and individuals in the design and development of an online identity. Whether you are after a brand new solution, or would simply like assistance with your existing online presence, Website Studio are here to help.

With our strength in design, development and marketing, Website Studio is in a position to drive your sites to the browsers of your intended audience. Requirements of individuals and businesses are in some ways different, however at the end of the day it is our aim to provide all our clients with solutions and answers to the best of our abilities. An integral part of our success is that we are prepared to listen. This enables us to assess each and every case individually. Based on the information we receive, we are then in a position to research further, the areas that will affect the success of a website.

As a business or individual, your site will not only be judged on its WOW factor, but more importantly the success of it. First impressions do count, but equally, the ease of use, functionality and accessibility of your site are all as important. This is where many websites fall down today. Yes they look impressive, but can you find where I can place my order online, no…!!, perhaps there is a phone number I can call and so on. It is this concept we apply to all the sites we are involved in, ensuring the sites visitors’ path, be it to information or making a purchase online or over the phone, a simple and pleasant journey.

We hope that your journey through our site is as rewarding.

The concept behind this project is to develop an online shopping directory that brings together a varied range of products that can be purchased online. The key to the site and its success will pivot around the search engines rankings for the product pages that are being developed. Each page will be optimised for product specific keywords. This is still at a very early stage with the best performing pages coming up on Google for keywords such as 'cheap logos' or 'Garden Seeds'.


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